FAQ - Area Rugs

1. Do I need a rug underpad?
We always recommend the use of a rug underpad with our products. Rug underpads are a great way to protect your floors from scratching or color transfer. They also provide extra slip resistant protection and cushioning under foot. Rug pads extend the life of your rug by preventing pile crush and traffic wear patterns. You can find our selection of rug underpads here.

2. What size rug underpad do I need?
Rug pads should be smaller than your area rug by at least 2 inches on each side. This allows the edges of the rug to lay flat against the flooring, preventing a tripping hazard. Alexanian's area rug underpads can be cut down to size as needed.

3. How do I know what size rug I need?
Learn more about area rug sizes and options in our Area Rug Buying Guide.

4. Can I use my rug outside?
We sell specific outdoor rugs that will maintain their color and shape outside, please review our product descriptions or contact us for assistance. We do not recommend using a regular indoor rug outside.

5. My rug has wrinkles, is it defective?
No. Creasing in rugs is common and will happen when the rug has been rolled for shipment. Most creases will flatten out over several weeks.

6. What type of rug is best for high-traffic areas in my home?
High-traffic areas include hallways and most frequently used living spaces. We have an array of rugs that work best in this environment. Woven and printed rugs perform exceptionally well in high-traffic areas. After heavy use, however, you may notice wear patterns or staining. Professional cleaning, the use of a rug pad and regular vacuuming will help to keep your rugs in good condition.

7. Do you have area rugs that are pet-friendly?
Yes. Printed and woven rugs perform well in homes with pets. We suggest avoiding rugs with a looped pile, as these are most easily snagged by pet nails. Indoor/outdoor area rugs are a great option for families with pets because they are stain and water resistant.

8. How do I take care of my area rug?
Taking proper care of your rug will prolong its life and appearance. Read our Care and Cleaning Guide here.

9. I purchased my area rug at an Alexanian location. It looked different in-store than in my home. What happened?
Lighting can play a significant role in your rug's appearance. The lighting in the store is likely different than the bulbs in your home, so the color of the rug may not match exactly. Try moving the rug to another area, like a sunroom or area with windows, to observe any changes. Full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs and halogen bulbs produce light that most closely resembles natural sunlight.

10. I purchased my area rug on alexanian.com. It looks different online than in my home.  What happened?
We make a strong effort to ensure that the information and images we display on our website are as accurate as possible. There can be variation in the colours displayed between computer monitors and screens. Also, small colour variances may occur over time; dye lots can shift on a rug. There may be small variations in rug dimensions as well; the variation can be as much as 5 percent. These are normal and are not considered defects. If you have any questions or concerns, call 1-888-300-8889 Monday-Friday 9-5pm EST.

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