Transform your Room in an Afternoon

Introducing Floorigami DIY carpet available at Alexanian. Floorigami is carpet made to make your life easier. Unleash your inner designer, whether you’re looking to rework a space or add a punch of personality with a new custom-style rug, Floorigami is ready to install with just a few tools and no installation experience required. It's that simple.

Floorigami is a mindset, founded on the belief that design and flexibility can go hand in hand. And that a cozier, more comfortable room should be within everyone’s reach. Small space, apartment, rug or room—just clear it, sweep it, peel and stick. If you’re inspired today, you can feel the warmth of carpet beneath your bare feet tomorrow.

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Mix colors and choose from installation patterns including monolithic, herringbone, basket weave and three-color stagger. Unique installation patterns can create a look that is truly you! This is an appealing alternative to LVT that broadloom carpet cannot match.

Who needs installation experience or a professional installation crew? Floorigami DIY carpet is perfect for wall-to-wall carpeting or to create an area rug.

Floorigami Bedroom Floorigami Hallway Floorigami Bedroom


Kids. Pets. General life messes. Floorigami can handle it. Low pile height provides a durable floor so it's suitable for high-traffic areas. A peel-and-stick adhesive secures Floorigami in place, without harming the floors beneath it. And you can create a new look any time you like, just by rearranging the pattern or direction of your tiles.
This DIY carpet proves a practical solution can also be the most stylish.

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Floorigami Bedroom Floorigami Family Room Floorigami Living Room


Create a custom rug with modern style. You can even mix colours to craft a look that expresses you. It’s hard to believe something that installs in an afternoon can be this soft. But your bare feet will tell you what your eyes already knew, this carpet changes everything.

Available in tiles or planks. Starting at $3.99/sq ft

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Create your own beautiful floor with Floorigami DIY carpet, it is perfect for wall-to-wall carpet looks. Easily install Floorigami on top of any existing hard surface flooring to transform your room in an afternoon. Peel-and-stick tiles for a DIY-friendly installation.

Available in tiles or planks. Starting at $3.99/sq ft

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Floorigami gives you the freedom to be creative, try something different, then change your mind and do it all over again!
The real beauty of Floorigami is that it’s all about your vision for your space.

When it’s time to peel up a tile to either clean or replace it, simply peel back the edges of the adjacent tiles as you slide the new tile back in place for a perfect fit.

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Dynamic Vision
Available in 5 Colours
Starting at $3.99/sq ft
Stay Toned
Available in 4 Colours
Starting at $3.99/sq ft
Midnight Snack
Available in 4 Colours
Starting at $4.49/sq ft
Plume Perfect
Available in 8 Colours
Starting at $6.79/sq ft
Desert Dawn
Available in 4 Colours
Starting at $7.49/sq ft

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