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Latest trends with Shelley Alexanian

Let us inspire you with some of the latest trends in Rugs, Flooring and Window Coverings available at Alexanians today

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Bamboo Flooring

There are now many colours and styles to choose from.

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Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed and Distressed. Currently a popular trend.

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Cork Flooring

Comfortable, renewable and great acoustic qualities.

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Luxury vinyl

Hard wearing, stylish and easy to install with just a click.

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Shelley’s tips for making the correct choices

Once you have decided on a flooring category such as wood, carpet, vinyl, wood etc., it’s time to choose colour, design and texture.


Colour is very important towards the final look and atmosphere of a room. Dark colours for example will make a large room more cozy. Light colours can make a smaller room feel larger.


Texture can also dramatically affect a room. Course textures for example, are quite versatile and can be used to coordinate with country, eclectic or even contemporary furnishings.


Design may be the most subjective flooring element. There are lots of design options in rugs, carpets, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring.

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Decor advice

Shelley Alexanian transforms an indoor space with some surprising choices!

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