Professional Area Rug Cleaning

*Minimum order $50.00. Includes in-plant washing. We also provide repairs, refringing, deodorization and moth prevention.

Rug Cleaning

Even with occasional vacuuming, grit and dirt accumulate in the foundation of your rugs and cause damage. Be it oriental, hand knotted or machine-made rugs, our professional rug cleaning service will fully clean and protect your area rug from long term wear and damage. You can trust Alexanian’s area rug cleaning experts to help keep your rug looking as new as the day you brought it home. If you are unable to drop your area rug off at one of our 19 locations, no problem – we will come to you! 
Our area rug cleaning services include Stain Guard Protection, Moth Prevention and Deodorization. 

The Five-Step Area Rug Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning Bottom

Whether it's knit, wool or oriental rug cleaning, the key to getting rugs clean starts before your area rug is washed. Below are the steps we take to ensure your rug will come back revitalized. 
STEP 1: The rug is put into a dusting machine where all the grit and dust that has been embedded deep into the fibers are removed. 
STEP 2: The rug then is tested for colourfastness.  At this stage blockers may be added if the rug exhibits a tendency for the colours to run. 
STEP 3: Any spots and stains are removed by hand. 
STEP 4: The rug then will go into a bath, where it is soaked in both water and soap. Its fibers get lightly scoured, then will proceed to go under the jet wash and come out through the wringers at the back of the machine. 
STEP 5: The rug gets hung in a well-ventilated temperature controlled drying room where the fringes are hand cleaned. 

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