Caring for my rug

Oriental & Area Rug Care Information.
Proper maintenance of your area rugs will extend its lifespan and help keep its appearance. Area rugs are a substantial investment and requires proper care to keep them attractive for many years. Protect your investment by establishing a regular care schedule. A general rule of thumb would be that you should vacuum often and tend to stains and spills immediately.

The most important thing is to vacuum your rugs regularly to remove soil and dirt. When particles of dry soil move down into the pile, they are more difficult to remove and lead to premature wear of the rug fibre. For knotted rugs, flip the rug over and vacuum the back as well. Smaller rugs can also be hung up outside and beaten carefully to loosen collected soil. High-traffic areas might need to be vacuumed more often. Vacuums with a beater bar are not recommended for hand-knotted and handmade rugs. They tend to loosen the knots and fibres and can be abrasive. They also can damage a fringe if there is one. For machine-made rugs the beater bar should be lifted away from the rug so it does not agitate the pile excessively.

Spills...Don't Panic but act fast.
Oriental rugs are made from wool are fairly easy and economical to maintain. Wool is very resilient, cleans well, and stays clean for a long time. For area rugs made from man-made fibres, the procedure is similar with some manufacturers having special cleaning instructions.

The following is a useful procedure for spills. First, quickly blot up excess liquid with a towel. Be sure not to rub! For water based spills, use a mild, bleach-free detergent diluted with water. Apply using a clean cloth, and always work from the edge of the spot to the centre. Rinse the area with water mixed with a small amount of white vinegar. Blot and allow to dry completely. A hair-dryer on medium setting will speed drying. Spills that are oil-based are a little more difficult to deal with and may require a solvent based cleaning agent. We recommend you contact a professional rug cleaner immediately.
For emergencies or general periodic cleaning call our Cleaning Department 1-888-300-8889Stains
Should a stain happen, Alexanian's has a spot lifter product that is excellent at removing many types of rug stains. For spot removal, first test any cleaning solution for colourfastness by trying it on a small, obscure part of the carpet. For persistent stains call our Cleaning Department 1-888-300-8889

Area Rug Repairs
It is a good idea to tend to rug repairs as soon as possible to avoid further damage and a more expensive repair down the road. A skilled professional rug repairer can often repair physical damage like tears, holes and worn spots. Ragged fringes or loose binding can also be repaired. Alexanian's has craftspeople that can provide this service as well. Rug cleaning and repairs are all done centrally so we have full control over the workmanship. Cleaning Department 1-888-300-8889

Under Pad
The use of top quality padding under your oriental carpet is also recommended to provide protection from dirt, wear and slippage. Alexanian's carries a wide range of padding at its locations and you can even purchase under-pad online.

Professional Cleaning
Depending on the amount of traffic, a professional cleaning is recommended every three to six years. Alexanian's professional cleaning service specializes in both cleaning and repair of your fine treasures. You can drop off rugs at any of our 18 locations across south central Ontario. If your rugs are too large or it is inconvenient to bring them to us, we can pick them up. Contact our Cleaning Department toll free at 1-888-300-8889 and we will arrange a pickup.