Have Windows? We’ve Got You Covered!

There’s no denying that blinds and shutters can make a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a room. At Alexanian we’re proud to carry a range of window covering options including blinds, shades and more - all in styles that make them easy to coordinate with any decorating style. Whether traditional, modern, casual or eclectic look, we’ll help you choose the window coverings that work for you.

Window coverings and treatments are much more than pretty details, many styles serve several important functions in a home. Blinds and shades provide privacy, for example, by shielding you from the view of passers-by. They also control the amount of sunlight that enters a room, helping to protect your furniture and household items from damaging UV rays. Also, if you’re looking to boost your home’s energy efficiency, window coverings can help by insulating your windows and blocking drafts, which may even help you save money on heating and cooling bills.

*Window coverings are not available for purchase outside of Ontario, Canada.


Types of Window Coverings We Offer

At Alexanian, our catalogue features quality window coverings made by leading brands, such as Eclipse, Hunter Douglas, Jackson and Seventh Avenue. Whether you’re looking for the best window blinds or custom window coverings, we’re at your service. Here are some popular styles we carry:

Shades are made from fabric and designed to be raised or lowered as desired and are an elegant, stylish way to top your windows. They control light, provide privacy and come in many different fabrics, styles and colours.

Window blinds are a classic, versatile choice as they provide you with significant control over the amount of light that comes into a room and are available in various colours and styles.

California Shutters
California shutters are made from wood and feature wider louvers than regular blinds. They make it possible to let in outside air, without allowing full sunlight and are available in various finishes to match any décor.

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Alexanian’s is pleased to provide an extensive selection of window coverings and window treatments as well as a strong commitment to customer service. We understand and appreciate the desire to make your house a dream home, and we’re here to help. Our team is ready and waiting to guide you toward the perfect window coverings for every room of your home. Visit an Alexanian store near you or book a Shop-at-Home appointment with us and let us come to you!