Tile and Grout Cleaning

*Minimum order $200 $1.25/per sq ft for cleaning & sealing. Apartments minimum 200 sq ft/minimum $250 Discount does not apply to tile requiring polishing

Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning

With all the use your floor tile gets, the buildup of dirt and grime can be more substantial than you realize. Regular vacuuming and mopping may provide a temporary assurance of cleanliness, but germs and dirt get deeply embedded in the grout over time. This is something a professional tile and grout cleaning service can effectively address.  

At Alexanian, we use non-acid cleaners and specially designed grout cleaning brushes to clean floor tile and grout. Once the grout is cleaned, we seal it with a water-based sealer designed specifically to keep your grout from absorbing dirt and moisture. 

Importance of Deep-Cleaning Tile and Grout 

After years of hard use, tile in the kitchen, bathroom or mudroom doesn’t have the same shine or vibrancy it once did. Common mistakes that homeowners make in cleaning their tile — such as using abrasive cleaning substances as part of their regular cleaning routine and neglecting to seal their tile can make matters worse. 

It’s a good idea to get a deep floor tile cleaning every two or three years to avoid long-term damage, such as staining or premature deterioration. Our cleaning system restores your tile and grout to their original colour. Not only will professional cleaning make your floor tile look better, but Alexanian's methods will help extend the life of your grout. 

Natural Stone Polishing and Sealing 

Natural stone can get scratched and dull over time. It also is sensitive to acidic household cleaners and food items, which can lead to unintentional damage. Because of the porous nature of natural stone, sealing is important to ensure that dirt and other debris do not penetrate and ruin it over time. Alexanian's trained professionals know how to restore the finish and luster of natural stone with our polishing and sealing expertise. 

With decades of experience in the industry, we at Alexanian take great pride in our commitment to the customers we serve. It is our goal to ensure your satisfaction with every service we provide. Book an appointment or call today to take advantage of Alexanian’s professional tile and grout cleaning services and get your tile and stone floors looking like new. 

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