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Custom Rugs

Customized rugs are a great option for those looking to add a unique or original touch to their home or business. Small businesses may use them to showcase the company logo while sports fans may display their spirit with a rug that features the team colors or mascot. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a rug that coordinates perfectly your décor. What better way to complete your space than with a rug of your own design?

At Alexanian, custom rugs are a growing segment of our business. We're able to create rugs of any size and style, including custom border rugs, inset rugs, carved rugs and logo rugs. Design your own rug and let us bring your vision to life.

How to Order a Custom Rug

When creating a custom rug design, consider where you will place your new rug. Is it for a professional or business setting or will it be a stylish addition to your home? Are you adding a simple welcome mat or looking to make a statement with a large area rug? No matter what you want to achieve with your rug, Alexanian can offer a customized solution for your space.

When you choose Alexanian to create your custom rug, you are choosing quality and a nearly endless array of possibilities, from materials to thickness to construction. Select from a wide range of colours to bring your own special touch to any room. A custom rug from Alexanian will provide a décor item that reflects your distinct style, interests or brand while adding comfort and beauty to your space.

From Carpet to Custom Rug 

Another option is to have one of our existing rugs customized to fit your space. Shop Alexanian’s extensive carpet selection and if you see one you would like to use as an area rug, we are able to cut it to whatever size and shape you want. 

Contact us today to get started in creating the perfect custom rug for your home or business. 

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