Carpet Fibre

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Popular Carpet Fibre Types:

The thin threads that make up the pile of a carpet are the fibers. The quality of these fibers greatly affects the performance and texture of the carpet. Carpet fibers can be derived from natural or man-made sources. The most common types of fibers used in carpet are nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and wool. Blends of these fiber types are also used.


Wool is spun from the fleece of sheep and it is the most common natural fiber used for broadloom style carpet. Wool carpets offer exceptional durability and resilience. They also last a long time, and age well. Wool carpet resists staining and cleans well. Wool is one of the most luxurious carpet fibers.


Nylon is made from petroleum. The resulting fiber is extremely strong, elastic, abrasion resistant and lustrous. Since nylon is not particularly stain resistant on its own, most nylon carpets are treated for stain and soil resistance. Dupont for example, invented nylon, and is the maker of the Stainmaster® brand, which has excellent stain resistant characteristics.


Polyester fibers are soft and maintain good colour clarity. These fibers are resistant to stains and offer great fade resistant.


Polypropylene fibers are soft and maintain excellent colour clarity. These fibers are naturally resistant to stains and offer fantastic fade resistant.


Sisal carpet fiber is obtained from the Agave plant which grows in sub-tropical regions. It has natural anti-static properties, and is a durable tough, hard-wearing fiber. Seagrass is used in a similar way.

Carpet Underpad

We recommend a good carpet underpad (carpet cushion). An underpad is necessary to form a good foundation for your carpet, increasing its comfort and extending its life. The underpad works by absorbing the impact of foot traffic. Cushion also adds insulation and reduces noise. Most carpets have a minimum pad recommendation for their warranties.

Carpet Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance of your carpet will extend its lifespan and help maintain a fresh appearance.  You should vacuum often and tend to stains and spills immediately. Should a stain happen, Alexanian's has a spot lifter product that is excellent at removing carpet stains.  Most carpet manufacturers recommend a periodic cleaning (every 18 months) for warranty maintenance.  We can help! View our Cleaning Services, or contact our Cleaning Department at 1-888-300-8889 for more detail.

Carpet terms:

Below are some popular carpet terms

Face weight

A measurement in ounces of the amount of fiber per square yard.  The more yarn per square yard, the more durable. 35 to 45 ounces is average.

Pile height

The height of yarn between the top of the pile and backing.


How tightly the yarn is woven or tufted into carpet.  The more strands per square yard, generally the denser and more durable.


Fabrics and yarns that make up the back of the carpet in tufted carpet.


The ability of a carpet system to dissipate an electrostatic charge before it reaches the threshold of human sensitivity.


Ability of carpet pile or cushion to recover original appearance and thickness after subjected to traffic.

Carpet Backing

The backing keeps the carpet tufts in place. There are a variety of backing systems made from a variety of materials.  They may come with various kinds of protective treatments such as anti-microbial or anti-static.